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DIY Gas Fireplace Safety Tests

gas fireplace safety tests homeowners can do

Do-It-Yourself Gas Fireplace Safety Tests Before you turn on your gas fireplace for the first fire of the season, have it serviced by a certified chimney sweep or other gas product professional certified to work with gas fireplaces.  You will

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Christmas Fireplace Safety – Safety Tips

Christmas Fireplace Safety: Fireplace Safety Tips for Christmas

Use the Christmas Fireplace Safety Checklist below to keep your family safe around the fireplace during the winter holidays. Are your Christmas stockings hung on the fireplace mantel with care? In the famous Christmas poem, the stockings were not just

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Are Wax Fire Logs Safe?

Using Wax Fire Logs with Care Although sawdust and wax composition fake fire logs offer convenience, if not properly used, they can create safety hazards. Do not break apart wax fire logs. When poked or broken apart, artificial fire logs can

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Safely Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

Safety Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

Smoke detectors can save lives, but they cannot change their own batteries. Failure to safely replace and and dispose of 9 volt smoke alarm batteries can result in a house fire. Having smoke alarms in the house is not enough – they

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