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When to Close Fireplace Damper

When to Close Fireplace Damper

Your fireplace damper must be open when you have a fire in your fireplace. It provides the necessary updraft for the smoke and prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. But when should you shut or close the wood-burning fireplace damper? Not sure how

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Super Bowl Challenge

The Fire Chiefs of Charlotte and Denver have agreed to a Super Bowl Challenge that has the potential to save lives. The outcome of Fire Chief Super Bowl 50 will determine which city’s Fire Chief will receive 200 smoke and carbon monoxide

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CO Alarm Beeping – What to Do

What to do if the carbon monoxide CO alarm is beeping

What to Do If Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off When the CO Alarm is Beeping, What Then? →  If one or more person is ill…click here. If no one is showing symptoms…click here. Carbon monoxide (CO) can sicken or even

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Fire Prevention Week History

What’s the real history of National Fire Prevention Week? What event does National Fire Prevention Week commemorate? See if you know; what’s your guess about National Fire Prevention Week history? a) The week during which the original Smokey the Bear’s

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