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Fire Prevention Week History

What’s the real history of National Fire Prevention Week? What event does National Fire Prevention Week commemorate? See if you know; what’s your guess about National Fire Prevention Week history? a) The week during which the original Smokey the Bear’s

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Fire Prevention Week 2014

National Fire Prevention Week 2014

Over 85 percent of homes in America have at least one smoke alarm. But one in three smoke alarms is not functioning! The goal of Fire Prevention Week 2014 (October 5-11) is to make it easy to remember to test

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Easter Mantel Decorations

Easter Mantel Decorations

You may not use your fireplace as often when springtime’s warm weather comes, but the fireplace nevertheless remains the focal point of your room.  So be inspired by the variety of color schemes, arrangements and materials in these Easter mantel

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How to Make Leprechaun Pot of Gold

Make Leprechaun Pot of Gold

Every leprechaun needs a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  And every home or business with at least one chocolate lover needs a leprechaun’s pot of gold (foil chocolate) coins to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. To make

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