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Fireplace Resolutions

Fireplace Resolutions for the New Year

Six Chimney and Fireplace Resolutions for the New Year – Start the New Year right…right in front of your fireplace! These New Year’s Fireplace Resolutions will help you make the most of your fireplace. Fireplace Resolution #1: Less Mess at Your Hearth

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Santa Claus Favorite Fireplace

What are the Santa Clause Favorite Fireplaces?

QUESTION: What fireplaces does Santa Claus like best? ANSWER: The Santa Claus favorite fireplaces are the ones without ashes and soot. Imagine how difficult it is to clean Santa’s suit after he has slid down countless sooty chimneys and landed in

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No Chimney for Santa

No Chimney for Santa?

If your home does not have a chimney, how will Santa Claus make deliveries? We offer three solutions to the No Chimney for Santa problem. 3 Solutions to the No Chimney for Santa Clause Predicament Watch this David Jones Christmas

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Halloween Fireplace Decorating

Halloween fireplace decorating

Halloween fireplace decorating becomes more popular each year. Americans spend 6.9 billion dollars on Halloween in 2015 . Folks are celebrating the holiday with more than costumes and candy; they are investing in Halloween-themed home decorations, including Halloween fireplace decorating. But not all

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