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The Pleasures of a Wood Fire

pleasures of a wood fire

I couldn’t have said it better myself: “…don’t overlook the intangible benefits of wood heat. First to mind is the simple attractiveness of an open fire, the changing pattern of light in the firebox, reflected to dance on the walls

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Choosing the Right Chimney Cap

choosing the right chimney cap

Chimney caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Browsing through all the options can be baffling, so we’ve come up with some resources to help you. Here are step by step directions for choosing the right chimney

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Three Common Fireplace Myths

Fireplace Myths

Fireplace Myth #1. Rarely used chimneys don’t need to be cleaned or inspected. If you don’t use your fireplace often, it doesn’t get dirty, right? While creosote buildup may not be a regular issue with infrequent use, annual chimney inspections

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How to Get More Heat From Your Fireplace

How to get more heat from a fireplace

Does your fireplace warm the cockles of your heart but leave your toes cold? With some modifications, your fireplace can become a legitimate heat source for your house and ensure your toes stay nice and toasty. Read on to learn

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