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College Fireplaces

College and University Fireplaces

University and college fireplaces provide welcoming gathering spots for students and faculty.  Typically found in dorm lounges and student centers, they provide a home-like setting for studying and visiting and a place to warm cold toes in chilly weather.  They

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How to Fix a Leaking Chimney

chimney leak in rain

One of the most common maintenance issues with chimneys is leaking during rainy weather. Like all other parts of your home, your chimney will degrade over time due to damage from the sun, rain, and freeze-thaw cycles. Fixing a leaking

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How to Remove Birds and Nests from Chimney

Birds and bird nests in chimney

Bird nests with or without birds in them are a health and fire safety problem for your home. Bird droppings are not only unsightly in your fireplace, but birds can also carry mites and parasites into you home. One note:

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How To Protect a Chimney from Birds, Bees

Top-sealing Lyemance Damper

Spring has arrived. Warm weather is rolling in to most the country, birds are singing, bugs are flying, and flowers are blooming. The warm weather means birds, bugs, and other animals are searching out places to nest and raise their

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