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The What, How, and Why of Powder Coating

While many people like the look of stainless steel or copper chimney caps, others prefer a more inconspicuous look. Chimney caps with a brown or black powder coat finish can blend in with the roof or trim and be barely

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Handcrafted Copper Chimney Pots

Andy Preske of The Copper Shop stopped by the office Wednesday with one of his beautiful copper chimney pots. Andy’s family has been involved in metal crafting since the 1890s, and it shows. This Tudor pot was just stunning. We’re

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Is Your Chimney Ready for April Showers?

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring moisture problems to your home. Cracks in the top of the chimney, or the crown, can allow water to seep down into the house. If left unrepaired, these leaks can

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Keeping Bees Out of the Chimney

Keep bees out of the chimney

Over the past couple weeks we’ve received numerous calls from people about bees that have entered chimneys and come into their homes. They want to know how to keep bees out of the chimney and fireplaces and their homes. Unfortunately, keeping bees

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