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How to Clean Glass Fireplace Door with Ash

Clean Glass Fireplace Doors with Ash

Every winter your fireplace produces buckets of ashes, which you probably just throw out. Why not put some of those ashes to use?  You can make an effective and free cleaner out of them to remove the soot from and

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Creative Camping with Fire Pits

There is just something about camping. It’s something we all want to do with our children at some point, and often the idea evokes memories of summer evenings sitting round a camp fire with stories, songs and delicious treats. Sadly

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Paint a Brick Fireplace

painted brick fireplace

Do you think you want to paint a brick fireplace? Brick is one of the least expensive and most durable building materials and its heat resistant properties make it one of the most popular for fireplaces. Even with all of

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Is Your Chimney Ready for Winter?

Autumn is officially here, bringing with it cool weather and thoughts of fires in the hearth, but is your chimney ready for winter? Before fire season gets underway, however, check that your chimney cap is still in good shape. You

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