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Celebrity Fireplaces: Get the Look

For decades Architectural Digest has given its readers a look into the homes of celebrities. And those homes always feature beautifully designed fireplaces. Read on to see some of these beautiful fireplaces and learn how you can get the same

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Decorating Outdoors: Fireplace Candelabra

Candles at night

Have a patio, porch, or other outdoor living area? Using candles to light it at night can create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Given their size and sturdy construction, fireplace candelabra are the perfect source to consider for outdoor lighting.

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How to Choose a Fireback: Steel or Iron?

Stainless Steel Reflective Fireback

What is a Fireback? A fireplace fireback back is a simple and historic innovation that dramatically increases the amount of heat your fireplace emits into your home. The back wall of a fireplace absorbs and retains a great deal of

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Fireplace Candelabra Decorating Tips

Fireplace Candles Glowing Stainless Steel Fireback

Did you know that you can turn a little light from your fireplace candelabra into a glowing display? The light of a candelabra is beautiful and serene as it is, but it doesn’t take much to turn its simplistic beauty

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