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How to Decorate the Fireplace for Thanksgiving

How to Decorate the Fireplace for Thanksgiving

As family and friends gather to celebrate all we are thankful for, don’t forget to decorate the fireplace for Thanksgiving.  After all, that’s where everyone will gather around after the bountiful Thanksgiving meal.  (And as they watch the parades and

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Fatwood Fire Starter Kit Giveaway!

Fire Starter Kit Giveaway

Start your fires in fashion this winter! We’ve giving away 8 lbs of fatwood, a hand-crafted copper cauldron, and a pair of heavy-duty cowhide fireplace gloves for the ultimate fatwood fire starter kit giveaway! Fatwood is one of the best

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How to Prep Your Fireplace for Any Holiday

romantic fireplace decorated for Valentine's Day

Your home life may be hectic, top-speed, and constantly changing, but it needs to revolve around something. Every home needs a focal-point, a place that stands as a solid example of home and serves as a gathering place for people.

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Halloween Questions

Halloween Questions

QUESTION:  According to the National Retail Federation, what was the most popular adult Halloween costume? ANSWER: In 2012, the best-selling adult costumse at Halloween were Witch Costumes! Americans spent an amazing $287,000,000,000 (that’s billions!) on Halloween costumes last year. QUESTION: How

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