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Simple Mantel Decorations for New Years

Decorate Mantel for New Years

The mantel decorations that looked so very right for Christmas seem out of place for celebrating New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. ¬†Here are four really quick, simple fireplace mantel decorations for New Years that require only a group

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Fireplace Stockings Were Hung with Care

Fireplace Stockings Were Hung

A fireplace is so integral to Christmas that hanging the stockings on the fireplace mantel is a tradition that many families look forward to each year. Clement Moore’s famous poem, The Night Before Christmas, immortalizes that moment when “the stockings

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Decorate White Christmas Fireplace Mantels

Glow of snow fireplace mantel

Snow is capable of turning the most ordinary of settings into a magical wonderland, including your holiday fireplace mantel. Take a look at the elegant white Christmas mantel above (photograph by Sussie Bell.) A Sophisticated White Christmas Mantel The look

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Handmade Charm Christmas Fireplace Mantels

Handmade Christmas Fireplace Decorations

Do you knit? Do you sprinkle glitter on anything that isn’t breathing? Is your glue gun always loaded and ready? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a hand-crafted Christmas fireplace mantel is perfect for you. You

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