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3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick

3 plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick

Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel with the 3 Plus 1 Mantel Decorating Trick     This FireplaceMall post was featured in The Washington Post’s PostPoints, November 18, 2010, in Mastering the Mantelpiece by Megan Buerger.   You’ve found the perfect mirror, painting, quilt, tapestry,

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Fireplace Screen Shapes

Fireplace screen shapes

A Quick Guide to New and Traditional Fireplace Screen Shapes → Thinking about a new fireplace screen for your hearth? There are more options available now, including in fireplace screen shapes, than just a few years ago. Don’t be overwhelmed by the

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Halloween Fireplace Decorating

Halloween fireplace decorating

Halloween fireplace decorating becomes more popular each year. Americans spend 6.9 billion dollars on Halloween in 2015 . Folks are celebrating the holiday with more than costumes and candy; they are investing in Halloween-themed home decorations, including Halloween fireplace decorating. But not all

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Easter Mantel Decorations

Easter Mantel Decorations

You may not use your fireplace as often when springtime’s warm weather comes, but the fireplace nevertheless remains the focal point of your room.  So be inspired by the variety of color schemes, arrangements and materials in these Easter mantel

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