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Bizarre Historical Hangover Cures

Historical Hangover Cures included Chimney Sweeps' use of Soot and Warm Milk

Attempts to fight the effects of alcohol overindulgence are probably as old as alcohol itself. These 6 bizarre hangover cures might have been used historically because they actually worked…or because folks were very, very desperate to have their hangovers end. 6

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Santa Claus Favorite Fireplace

What are the Santa Clause Favorite Fireplaces?

QUESTION: What fireplaces does Santa Claus like best? ANSWER: The Santa Claus favorite fireplaces are the ones without ashes and soot. Imagine how difficult it is to clean Santa’s suit after he has slid down countless sooty chimneys and landed in

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Fatwood – Fireplace Fire Starter

Use fatwood to start your upside down fire.

Rid your hearth of that pile of newspapers, that unsightly stack of kindling sticks, and the toxins produced by chemical fire starters. Plus, become a fireplace fire-starting wizard! Let nature’s perfect kindling, fatwood, start your fireplace, wood burning stove, coal or

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