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Before You Light Your First Fireplace Fire

10 Things to Know Before You Light Your First Wood Burning Fireplace Fire

New to the world of wood burning fireplaces?  Is this your first winter with a new fireplace? Or have you recently acquired the role of Chief Fire Builder in your home? 10 things you need to know before you light

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Safely Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

Safety Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

Smoke detectors can save lives, but they cannot change their own batteries. Failure to safely replace and and dispose of 9 volt smoke alarm batteries can result in a house fire. Having smoke alarms in the house is not enough – they

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How to Remove Chimney Bees and Wasps

remove bee hives and wasp nests

Anyone who has bees or wasps in their chimney knows they are not the best of house guests. One of the ways they can enter your home is through the chimney. Newly swarming bees looking for a place to call

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Stinky Fireplace Odor Solutions

fix that stinky fireplace

Do you smell sour wood smoke after your fire burns out? You may have stinky fireplace! Most cases of stinky fireplace are caused by moisture from rain or snow that has soaked into the flue liner and the soot deposits

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