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Fatwood – Fireplace Fire Starter

Use fatwood to start your upside down fire.

Rid your hearth of that pile of newspapers, that unsightly stack of kindling sticks, and the toxins produced by chemical fire starters. Plus, become a fireplace fire-starting wizard! Let nature’s perfect kindling, fatwood, start your fireplace, wood burning stove, coal or

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How to Stack Firewood

How to Stack Firewood

Properly stacked firewood dries more quickly and thoroughly than firewood just dumped in a heap.  Well-stacked firewood also prevents mold and termites from using your wood as a host.  So take a moment to learn how to stack firewood to

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The FireplaceMall Guide to Firewood

The wood you burn in your fireplace has the most significant effect on how well your fire burns. In particular, how well seasoned, or dry, firewood is will determine how easy your fire lights, how hot it burns, and how

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5 Reasons Get Firewood in Spring

Stacked and seasoned firewood

As the weather warms, many are delighted that the worst of winter fuel bills are ending. Smart consumers, however, are doing more than heaving a sigh of relief; they are getting a step ahead of next winter’s fuel costs by

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