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Three Common Fireplace Myths

Fireplace Myths

Fireplace Myth #1. Rarely used chimneys don’t need to be cleaned or inspected. If you don’t use your fireplace often, it doesn’t get dirty, right? While creosote buildup may not be a regular issue with infrequent use, annual chimney inspections

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How to Get More Heat From Your Fireplace

How to get more heat from a fireplace

Does your fireplace warm the cockles of your heart but leave your toes cold? With some modifications, your fireplace can become a legitimate heat source for your house and ensure your toes stay nice and toasty. Read on to learn

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Three Steps to a More Efficient Fireplace

how to have a more efficient fireplace

1. Burn Seasoned Firewood Seasoned firewood has been allowed to dry after being cut and split, usually for about six months. Freshly cut firewood contains a huge amount of water, so instead of burning and putting off heat, your fire’s

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How to Fix a Smoky Fireplace

Smoky Fireplace? How to fix a smoky fireplace

Is your fireplace letting smoke into your room? A smoky fireplace is a nuisance and a downright danger because fireplace smoke carries odorless but deadly carbon monoxide. Diagnosing the cause of your smoky fireplace, or back puffing, is essential to

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