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How to Clean Glass Fireplace Door with Ash

Clean Glass Fireplace Doors with Ash

Every winter your fireplace produces buckets of ashes, which you probably just throw out. Why not put some of those ashes to use?  You can make an effective and free cleaner out of them to remove the soot from and

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Children and Fire Pits: Safety Essentials

Kids and Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits and other outdoor fireplaces are wonderful settings for family time! Away from electronic interrupters and nestled around the flames, outdoor fires make memorable experiences for family and friends. However, fire pits and fire bowls produce temperatures that can

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5 Reasons Get Firewood in Spring

Stacked and seasoned firewood

As the weather warms, many are delighted that the worst of winter fuel bills are ending. Smart consumers, however, are doing more than heaving a sigh of relief; they are getting a step ahead of next winter’s fuel costs by

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How to Build an Upside Down Fire

How to build an upside down fire

Watch the video of How to build an upside down fire from Dylan Parker on Vimeo. Years ago when you learned to start a fireplace or wood stove fire, chances are you learned to place the tinder and kindling at the

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