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2014 Olympics Trivia

Olympics Trivia - Will you score Gold, Silver or Bronze on the Trivia Quiz?

As you watch the 2014 Olympics, safe and warm in front of your fireplace as the athletes perform amazing feats on freezing cold ice and snow, enjoy this 2014 Olympics trivia. Keep track of how many you get correct, so

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Use Fireplace Ash to Make Soap

Make Soap from Fireplace Ashes

For centuries humans have been making soap from fireplace ash. If you’re looking for a way to use your fireplace ash and are interested in exploring some homesteading skills, read on and learn how to make soap for your own

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Creative Camping with Fire Pits

There is just something about camping. It’s something we all want to do with our children at some point, and often the idea evokes memories of summer evenings sitting round a camp fire with stories, songs and delicious treats. Sadly

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5 Tips for a Better Fire

How to Build a Better Fireplace Fire 1. Tinder Tricks Newspaper is the most popular tinder, and works very well. Avoid using color pages with lots of ink though. Another clever choice- toilet paper tubes stuffed with dryer lint. The

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