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5 Ways to Save Energy This Fall

Ways to Save Energy and Lower Utility Bills

As cooler weather approaches, here are 5 ways to save energy in your home starting this Fall. Any homeowner can do these energy saving tasks, as they require no special skills. Best of all, each one is a simple, low-

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Fire Pit Cooking How to Tips

Fire Pit Cooking How to Tips

Use these fire pit cooking how to tips and techniques to double the enjoyment of your fire pit or fire ring. Let your snacks, dinner, or dessert cook before your eyes as you enjoy the beauty and camaraderie of your

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The Best Fireplace Apps

Best Fireplace Apps

Have a fireplace in the palm of your hand. Sure, a real fireplace fire, complete with its sounds, light show, woodland smells and cozy warmth, is just right for so many times.  But there are occasions when we can’t be

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Unlikely Tale: Rabbit Sucked Up Chimney

On February 27, 2014 the UK’s Daily Mail startled readers with the headline, “Pet Rabbit Was Sucked up Chimney after Freak Gust of Wind Turned it into a Giant Vacuum.”  The article goes on to explain that firefighters were called

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